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Ohm's Law is a fundamental principle in electrical engineering and physics that describes the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance in an electrical circuit. It states that the current flowing through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points and inversely proportional to the resistance of the conductor.

Mathematically, Ohm's Law is represented as: 



  • V represents voltage (in volts)
  • I represents current (in amperes)
  • R represents resistance (in ohms)

In simpler terms, Ohm's Law tells us that the current flowing through a conductor is determined by the voltage applied and the resistance of the conductor.

Diagram: Imagine a simple circuit consisting of a resistor (R) connected to a voltage source (V):

+ ----[ R ]---- - | | | | Voltage Current Source Flow
  • The "+" terminal of the voltage source is connected to one end of the resistor, and the "-" terminal is connected to the other end.
  • The flow of current (I) passes through the resistor from the "+" terminal to the "-" terminal.
  • The voltage across the resistor is denoted as V.

According to Ohm's Law, V=I×R:

  • The voltage across the resistor (V) is equal to the current (I) flowing through it multiplied by the resistance (R) of the resistor.

For example, if you have a resistor with a resistance of 10 ohms and a voltage of 20 volts is applied across it: V=20V, R=10Ω

Using Ohm's Law: I=VR=2010  = 2A

So, the current flowing through the resistor is 2 amperes.

Ohm's Law provides a fundamental basis for understanding and analyzing electrical circuits, helping engineers and scientists predict the behavior of components and systems.

Prasun Barua

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